Our Services

Interior & Exterior

Wide Variety of Stainless Steel/Polished Steel/Brushed Aluminum/Etched Steel/Golden/Painted/Laminated Oak-Teak-Rosewood/Wood & Steel Mixes.

G & P Elevators

Glass and Panoramic Elevators add aesthetic value to practicality of moving people vertically. We have equal expertise in external and internal installation. An unmatched range of most alluring designs are on offer.

Escalators & Moving Walks

Our escalators provide safe, eco-friendly and reliable mobility in shopping centers, airports, bus & railway stations and commercial buildings. Comprehensive in range and flexible in design, we offer escalators and moving walks that adopt to your building’s requirements

Maintenance & Services

Our 24/7 technical support team is trained on the doctrine of preempting breakdowns. We follow a proactive maintenance regime that prevents faults from happening regularly rather than taking reactive action when an error develops. This 360_ support plan ensures ready availability of spare parts and technical expertise. We boast a tech staff that is trained and certified by manufacturers such as OTIS, Thyssen Krupp, Schindler and Hyundai.